The Best Stationary Bike For The Best Workout

If you have suddenly taken it upon yourself to shop for the best stationary bike, probably the most important factor to take into consideration is comfort. Let’s be honest – if it doesn’t feel comfortable when you try it out in the showroom, it’s not going to get any better when you take it home. The same principle works when buying shoes. It’s not going to expand to fit you. Edges and bits sticking out will continue to get in your way, causing nicks and scratches.

The next factors to consider are your needs and interest. Is the purchase to improve your health and lifestyle? Or is it to keep up with the Joneses? If the former, you’re moving closer to the right frame of mind as without health, wealth is no more than inheritance for your pet cat, charity foundations and pesky relatives.

Since there are so many to choose from, probably the best stationary bike is one which is able to accommodate your changing needs as your exercise routine grows. Growth, in this case, infers to adjusting your exercise resistance levels as you can’t be coasting on flat and level grounds forever. The time will come when you need to be challenged with a possible pedal up a low-gradient slope. In time, you’ll be ready to take on uphill climbs without breaking too much of a sweat. Hence, look at bikes which offer settings with various resistance levels so as to get the most out of your investment.

Still on the topic of resistance, various bikes offer this element with belts or wheels which provide friction, hydraulics, magnets or fans. Each of these contributes somewhat to your exercise experience as some can be quite noisy as pedaling speed and turns increase with resistance. Some of the more sophisticated bikes come with computers which display information during and post workout. As exercise resistance levels change, those which have sensors pick up heart and pulse readings.

Do thorough testing at the showroom. Don’t be pushed into a purchase by over eager sales people wanting to make their commission. It’s your prerogative to get the best bike to suit your needs as well as budget.